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Please be careful with me. Sometimes I just get sad and I don’t know why. I’m sorry.

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So much this

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hey, so are we on a “tu” basis or are we still pretty “vous”

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louiexv-deactivated20120518 said: Explain your current situation to your five-years-ago self.


wow. alrite. i’ll give it a shot…

hey chris,

your name is frank now..it’s a long story. your girlfriend is about to break up with you because of the long distance. it’s ok. & that job you’re working..well, you’re gonna have to work there for another year and some months.. & then you’re gonna get fired. you’re gonna work a couple more jobs after that too. nothing glamorous. kinkos and at&t if you really want the specifics. but you’re never gonna be homeless or starving. don’t worry you won’t fail and have to move back to new orleans either. you are gonna get your heartbroken though. twice. if it helps, the first one is gonna be worse than the second. contrary to how it feels, it won’t kill you. in fact it’s gonna help you write an album. yea, you finally finished an album. people like it man. you’re actually gonna write and record hundreds of songs. they won’t all be good and most ppl won’t think you’re talented at first, but you’re going to master your gifts. you’re going to become a lot stronger and wiser..even a little taller. be patient. i mean, you kind of have no choice. and be good to people. i don’t wanna spoil too much for you, but.. you’re on a plane right now to the east coast to work with kanye west & jay-z. it’s all working out kid. you made it. 

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If you’re sad, add more lipstick and attack.
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All women speak two languages:

the language of men 

and the language of silent suffering.

Some women speak a third, 

the language of queens.
Mohja Kahf, The Marvelous Women   (via thatkindofwoman)

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Be grateful for the wound that pushes you towards God.

-Yasmin Mogahed (via undercoverfortress)

circumstances, trials, tribulations

thank you Lord

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I am not superwoman. My mother is not superwoman. My mother’s mother is not superwoman. I am, we are, soft. Can shatter. Crumble in your hands. Our survival does not mean we prosper. We are like other women but unlike them. So do not tell us we can handle anything. We only seem like superwoman, a figment of your imagination, because you have forced our lives to be perpetual labor with only seconds of relief. If we carry the world on our shoulders and the children on our backs, what are we but your glorified mules slapped with guilt praises of perseverance and strength. Our bones and our blood and our sweat have built the wealth of nations. Our burial should not be the first time we rest.

Yasmin Mohamed Yonis (via ethiopienne)

In light of Women’s Day…

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Jesus yes. yes. yes yes yes.

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