I don’t have a fear of commitment. I have a fear of abandonment. We all screw things up. I screw things up, especially with people I love. I get needy, I get moody, I get distant, I want to be close, I get confused. I don’t understand all of it, but I keep pushing because I hope this thing, this universe, there’s no way that I’m the only person out there who wants something this bad, if I want it, someone else out there must too.
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once i take my bra off, don’t ask me to do shit for u bitch bc once that bra comes off, i am clocked out of life. i am done. i am finished. i am logged the fuck out. 

Lmao, THIS. 

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do you ever just realise you’re almost an adult and you have no money 

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life goal: go shopping and never look at the price tag.

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College kids literally don’t care about walking in the way of cars at school because we’re like “hit me i don’t care pay my tuition.”

"Hit me my thesis is due in 12 hours and I haven’t started it"

"Hit me I have a final in an hour and I didn’t study"

"Hit me I’ve been on a 24 hour drinking binge and I’m invincible"

"Hit me. You’re a university vehicle and I’ll get free tuition."

"Hit me I feel like a failure anyway"

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so stoked for #orientation #welcomemhc14 #mountholyoke #mhc #moho 🎊🎉🎊🎈🎊🎉🎈 (at Mount Holyoke College)

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so stoked for #orientation #welcomemhc14 #mountholyoke #mhc #moho 🎊🎉🎊🎈🎊🎉🎈 (at Mount Holyoke College)


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My father
was a storm
my mother,
the rain.

I was born
from fire
but I inherited
the sea.
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